Meet Antonia

Antonia Katifeli is a Greek self-taught artist born and raised in Athens.


Through her work she approaches themes of virtue, free will and cultural diversity.


Her highest goal is to unveil the beauty of the mysterious world surrounding us.




Antonia studied Journalism in the University of Athens where she graduated with First Class Honours. She then pursued a Master's degree in Arts, Business & Creativity at Newcastle University Business School graduating with a Merit and completed her academic education with an MBA from Alba Graduate Business School after being offered a scholarship.


Being an avid lifelong learner, she immersed herself in the creative arts for a number of years realising that painting is the only passion whose enthusiasm remained boundless. With a costant fascination for Art History and a continuous self-directed practice she started a series of artworks in 2020 reflecting her personal aesthetic.

What Inspires The Artwork

Antonia's sources of inspiration come mostly from the East, the Silk Roads, biographies of Saints, palm trees and animals.


Courage and integrity are values she is inspired by and deeply influence her artwork.


Antonia's vision is to create artworks that uplift, embellish and ultimately speak to the soul.

Life is a work of art